DUOTONE Kite Evo D/LAB 2024

30 199,00 kr

(inkl. moms)



Den nya Evo D/LAB erbjuder det ultimata inom freeride kitesurfing med aldrig tidigare upplevd prestanda i ett stort antal förhållanden med otrolig low-end kraft och total kontroll. Evo D/LAB levererar en stor prestandauppgradering till vår mest populära kitemodell.

Den nya Aluula ramkonstruktionen erbjuder oöverträffad hållbarhet samtidigt som den levererar betydande prestandaförbättringar.

Priserna avser köp av kite inkl bag. Kitebom och pump ingår ej.

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The Evo D/LAB delivers a large performance upgrade to our most popular kite model.

The new Aluula frame construction offers unrivalled durability while delivering substantial performance enhancements.

Firstly, the lightweight nature, with each kite saving up to 30% on the overall weight compared to regular kites, means the Evo D/LAB can fly in the lightest of winds. This makes it great for foiling or for light wind freeride; as the wind increases, the Evo D/LAB offers incredible performance for tricks and jumping that you have to experience.

Secondly, the handling, thanks to the reduced weight and stiffness of the Aluula material and the pulley-less bridle, the kite delivers the most dynamic ride with great acceleration. The kite reacts to your inputs like an extension of your arms, instantly responding to input on the bar. Powerful loops are at your fingertips with incredible upstroke reaction thanks to the reduced weight.

With huge hangtime, the Evo D/LAB delivers an experience on the water unlike any other - at any time you know the position of the kite in the wind window.

You will discover incredible power at your fingertips with full depower whenever you need it.

The all-new Evo D/LAB is the pinnacle of both technology and design, delivering a unique kite that will offer you performance on the water that will blow your mind. Take the Evo D/LAB for a ride, experience it yourself, and decide if you can live without it.


We offer climate neutral products.

This means we offset all carbon emissions caused by our products during manufacture and transport. Therefore we support a hydropower carbon offset project in Kuruwita, Sri Lanka – in cooperation with ClimatePartner, a leading solutions provider for corporate climate protection.

This entire process is transparent and traceable thanks to the ClimatePartner label, ID and certificate.