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DUOTONE Soleil 2023

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Soleil är själva definitionen av vad en freeride/freestyle-bräda för kvinnor ska vara, designad med en mer slimmad outline och lättare kitare i åtanke. Den har en smalare bredd för att göra det lättare att kanta med och  flex för att ta dina trick till nästa nivå!

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If you are a female kiteboarder, you will know the importance of having the right equipment; you wouldn’t wear a men’s wetsuit or harness, so why would you ride a board designed for the guys.

 The Soleil has been in the line-up at Duotone for so long now it’s hard to remember what life was like without it.

Designed by women for women, it caters to the smaller frame and makes it easier to perform at your very best.

This freeride/freestyle board features a narrower outline; this allows you to carve from rail to rail a lot easier. The solid construction ensures consistent flex throughout the board's length and has been tailored for your weight to allow the best pop while also offering a smooth ride. The Carbon Beam keeps the board light, making it easier to jump and spin, but it also helps to keep the ride responsive and engaging. Space Flex Tips make rotations easy and keep the weight low.

So, if you are part of the growing army of female kiteboarders out there, get yourself the best board available to improve your riding; get onboard the 2023 Soleil!



The Premium Construction boards Jaime, Select and Soleil feature Carbon Beams, where parts of the glass fibre are being replaced by unidirectional carbon beams to noticeably improve the boards’ performance. This results in a faster and even more progressive flex for better pop and reduced weight.

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Duotone Kiteboarding Climate Partner 


Today, our Kites, Bars, Twintips, Surfboards, Click Bar and Foil Wing are climate neutral, which is acknowledged in three steps: calculating emissions, offsetting emissions and tracking the carbon offset. Proud of our work and the future of sustainable kiteboarding, you can discover more about our projects and partnerships here.


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