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NKB Nugget CSC 2017

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Nugget är för dig som vill ha mest ut även när det inte är bästa förhållanden, utan även när det är gränsfall att man köra. Till och med i lätta vindar och småvågor kommer du plana och ha kul i timmar när andra står o tittar på.

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Get ready to experience the North Nugget 2017 CSC (Compact Surf Shape), a board that will enable you to get out there and tear apart waves in the lightest wind when all your friends are still sitting on the beach. The Nugget is all about having fun and maximizing your time and stoke in the water!

Happy on flat water or ripping up in smaller waves, the Nugget's flat rocker line and wide outline help it to be the one of the first boards to get you going in light winds. The secret is in the clever double concave bottom shape, which provides excellent drive and light wind planing. In the waves, the V in the nose and tail help to make the Nugget exceedingly manoeuvrable and easy to carve.

The new 2017 outline allows for a radically efficient use of rail line, rocker and volume, resulting in a board that is ridden 2 ’’ shorter than before and offers noticeably better lowend planing, glide, stability and manoeuvrability. The Nugget is now faster because it’s straighter, which also increases the stability, balance and helps upwind performance. The wider nose has more surface area for planing and incorporates more overall nose rocker and forward V, which in turn increases manoeuvrability without sacrificing any of the light wind benefits attained through the wider nose.

This radically different approach to a conventional surfboard features an ultra wide roundtail, super low rocker and a unique bottom shape aimed at maximum glide, tight turns and upwind performance in light wind and small to medium surf.

Full, boxy rails and an ultra flat deck maximize the volume of the Nugget and the quad fin configuration giving you maximum lift to keep you planing through lulls and flat sections on the wave.

Don’t let the looks deceive you. This board absolutely rips strapped or strapless. If you are serious about maximizing your time on the water and want a board that truly performs when others will not, you NEED a Nugget.

A great compliment to everyone’s quiver, once you get a taste of the Nugget, it is sure to become a regular fixture in yours! With 5’0” and 5'3" options, the Nugget is also a great option for minimizing excess baggage costs.

North Nugget TT:

The 5’2” Nugget is now also available in the brand new North Kiteboarding Tough Technology construction. Tough Technology is a new molded technology that utilizes a super tough top sheet similar to that used in North Kiteboarding twin tips to create an incredibly durable skin that is remarkably resistant to dings and scratches.
In short, the 5’2” Tough Technology Nugget offers the same great Nugget shape in a super durable construction!

North Bamboo Construction Technology:
North Kiteboarding surfboards are made using bamboo on both, the base and the deck of the boards. Bamboo has a high strength to weight ratio, which has obvious benefits in making a durable board that will withstand hard heel impacts and pressure dents, while still keeping the overall board weight to a minimum.

Bamboo itself offers excellent dampening properties which allow Sky Solbach who’s shaping NKB surfboards already in the third product generation, to create boards that feel light and lively under your feet, while not feeling overly bouncy or chattery through the chop, effectively smoothing out the ride. Bamboo is now becoming more widely used throughout the surf industry for the exact same reasons. Additionally, bamboo is of course a natural and easily renewable resource. North Kiteboarding feel, it just should be natural to care about your planet, especially when loving and living an outdoor sport so closely connected to nature like kitesurfing. Finally, on top of all of these benefits, the immaculate finish and bamboo wood grains, give each one of our boards a unique and distinct look. Every single one is not less than unique, already nearly a custom board.

Strapped or strapless, the challenge of riding a surfboard is there even if the conditions are not! The North Nugget will be the ultimate board for both an introduction to kitesurfing on waves as well as strapless riding. There are tons of hours of fun and challenge canned inside this board!

North Tough Technology Construction:

Available only on the Nugget TT,Tough Technology is a brand new way to build highly resistant, durable wave boards. Heavy use will not affect the durability of the boards, heel dents are nearly impossible. Even if the board flips out of your hands to the ground, most of the time you´ll not even be able to fin a mark! Not to mention the damages a normal surf board would show!

Please note, the boards are way more durable than normal surf boards, but not unbreakable. Due to the resistant materials, the weight is approximately 12% heavier than conventional North Kiteboarding wave boards.
Who is the board designed for:
If you want epic sessions in onshore mush or poor wind swell waves - then this board will make wave riding much more enjoyable!

Riding Style: Wave / Freeride

Skill Level: Beginner / Expert

North Nugget Kiteboard - Length / Width:


  • North Nugget TT - 5'2" x 21.0" x 2.3/8"- (28.9 Litres) 60-85kg Riders
  • North Nugget - 4'11" x 20.75" x 2.3/8"- (25.7 Litres) 60-85kg Riders
  • North Nugget - 5'2" x 21.0" x 2.5/16"- (29.0 Litres) 80kg > Riders

North Nugget Key Features:


  • Epic Sessions in Onshore Mush or Poor Wind Swelled Waves
  • Easy to Ride and Jibe
  • Amazing Light Wind Performance
  • Strapped or Strapless Riding
  • Light and Durable
  • Diamond Tail
  • Bamboo Tech Construction
  • Quad Fin
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