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DUOTONE Kite Dice 2021

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DICE är en perfekt balanserad freestyle/wave kite. Tack vare sin C-shape är den fantastisk att loopa och hoppa med och därför är den grym för svenska förhållanden. DICE har under flera år varit en storsäljare.

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Size 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
Windrange 24-39 21-38 20-36 18-34 16-32 14-30 13-27 12-24 11-21
Rec. Line Length 20-22 20-22 20-22 20-22 22-24 22-24 22-24 22-24 24


Duotone Dice 2021 Kite

Versatile freestyle, big air and kiteloop kite from Duotone

The Duotone Dice 2021 is an all-round kite with an emphasis on freestyle and big air. It is the kite that fills the gap between the super relaxed Duotone Evo and hardcore Vegas. The Duotone Dice 2021 was developed by Lasse Walker and Aaron Hadlow, both freestyle kiters and participants in the world's most prestigious big air kite competition the King of the Air. During the KOTA, the choice of both Aaron and Lasse was the Duotone Dice. The Dice gives you the lift you need for a big air, and the turning speed to pull a mega run around with super confidence. In addition, the Dice can also be used well in the field of unhooked freestyle tricks because of its good pop.

Last year we saw a very big update to the Dice. The Dice was then upgraded with a fixed bridle, which made the Dice faster, more direct and more reliable. For 2021, the Dice has had a number of minor upgrades. For example, the bridle lines are made of new, stiffer material. So Dice 2021 is again bit more directly and even more precisely. The 5th line attachment that was standard on the Dice has been removed, however it is still possible to sail the Dice as 5 lines if you wish. Due to these updates, the Dice 2021 has become slightly lighter in weight, which benefits the flight characteristics. And what immediately stands out is the very cool new 2021 design in three awesome color combinations.

The 2021 Duotone Dice still does what the Dice has always been good at. Big air, kiteloops and the Dice gives you good pop for freestyle tricks like handle passes. When it really comes down to it, like during storms, the Dice 2021 stands its ground. The Dice remains stable even in very gusty conditions. The high-end is unbelievable, perhaps the Dice is the kite with the best high-end of all Duotone kites, you can imagine that the Dice 2021 is a very good option as a storm kite.
The very gradual depower of the Dice has also been retained for the Dice 2021. This means that you can depower the Dice on the bar super easily and in a controlled manner by pushing the bar away from you and you will feel more depower every centimeter. There is hardly any other kite that does this well.

The very high quality of the construction of the Dice 2021 is as we are used to from Duotone. The canopy is made of Trintiy TX, the modern light trailing edge, a durable leading edge and protection at important points. You can find different attachment points for your steering lines so that you can adjust the Duotone Dice 2021 completely to your own preference.

All in all, the Dice 2021 is still one of the best all-round performance kites that brings big air, kiteloops and freestyle tricks together. The Duotone Dice 2021 is the ideal kite if you want to push yourself to the slightly more extreme side of kite surfing without having an overly radical kite that is difficult to control.

Features Customizable settings

  • Freeride | Biga Air | Freestyle
  • 3 struts
  • 4 lines
  • New bridle material
  • Lighter in weight
  • Without pulleys
  • Excellent high end
  • Good depower
  • Trinity TX canopy


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