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NKB Kite Mono 2018

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Nya Mono är är en superlätt helt ny design för dig som vill ha en bra kite för Freeride, Wave eller Foil. Tack vare designen är den oerhört lätt att starta från vattnet. Den nya shapen gör den perfekt även för dig som vill köra vågor eller med foil. Inspirerad design från storsäljaren NEO.

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The Mono is a simple one-strut Allrounder with a focus on performance and handling. It is perfect for travelling and can perform on a twin tip, directional or foilboard. The smaller sizes are ideal for fast progression, freeriders, wave riders and foil boarders alike. The kite has amazing low-end performance, and it flies upwind with ease. The relaunch is very fast and easy; thanks to the Delta design the kite doesn’t stick to the water. The bar pressure is light, while there is a progressive power development as you sheet in, making it very easy to ride. Handling on the Mono is very dynamic, with fast, reactive steering the kite works well in all situations, also on foil boards. While the weight of the kite has been kept to a minimum, there are plenty of reinforcements in the right places to ensure it is very robust too. If you want a great all rounder with an incredible low-end for easy freeriding duties, the Mono is it!


SizeWindrangeRec. Line Length
3,5 26-40 22 (24)
5 23-38 19-22 (24)
7 19-34 19-22 (24)
9 15-30 19-22 (24)
12 11-22 19-24
15 6-18 19-24
  • Massive upwind performance
  • Almost Auto Relaunch
  • So lightweight you could forget you have the bar
  • packs down small for travel
  • bright but not unattractive colours
  • Durable enough for beginners
  • Easy to perform a self rescue with
  • Good Boost and Float
  • Light and robust one strut design
  • Additional Dacron reinforcements for durability
  • 4 and 5 line setup
  • Great handling in lightwind
  • Quick and easy to relaunch
  • Good low end and upwind performance


With relaunch abilities worthy of an applause, great power delivery and optimum sheet-and-go, you’re sure to fall in “love at first flight” with the North Mono. Ideally paired with a larger twintip or wave board, in light-medium strength winds the Mono will blow you away!

The Mono can be ridden on 4 or 5 lines and is an ideal kite for riders with a keen eye on simplicity and ease of use. Super durable and made with North's highest quality materials and construction methods.

The 5th line design, in addition to providing safety, gives the Mono its short and aggressive power stroke that is up to 30% shorter than most bridled kites.

This means huge range and top-end comfort on those super windy days and the ability to instantly turn the power off and on at will as you link your turns down the line.

3.5 26-40 22-24
5 23-38 22-24
7 19-34 22-24
9 15-30 22-24
12 11-22 22-24
15 6-18 24-27

North Mono 4 / 5 Line control:

The North Mono can be ridden on 4 or 5 line control bars, uniting new-school and free-ride in one kite. The Mono‘s delta shape also offers great sheet and-go riding, excellent wind range and high de-power.

The overall shape helps the Mono turn quickly and predictably while the new bridle geometry stabilizes the arc for a soft, consistent bar feel and extreme back-stall resistance.

The 4-line mode boasts an innovative new safety system and bar-feel prefect for those who prefer soft, easy handling.

In 5-line mode the 5th Element additionally stabilizes the arc, providing very direct bar-feel for new-school riding and the ultimate 5th line safety.

Auto re-launch means that you can go for it and never have to worry about re-launchng your kite. Just take your hands off the bar and let the kite do the work for you!

For 2017 the Mono features the new “Adaptive Tip”. In recent years, there has been a trend leaning towards more reactive kites with even lighter sheeting forces than in the past. Such kites are really comfortable, lively for wave riding and offer more forgiving kite loops because they pivot around the wingtip.

However, comparison tests have shown that North team riders and testers actually prefer kites with a harder bar feel because they offer better feedback, precise steering and more dynamic turning, which in turn creates more power.

The new “Adaptive Tip” allows users to easily change the sheeting force and turning performance through a simple back pigtail adjustment, allowing you to customize your kite to your desired style and feel:


Since North were looking for softer, less aggressive- feeling small kites, they reasoned that flatter profiles, which “pop” less when sheeted in, might be the way to go. This is exactly how it turned out.

A 7 percent reduction in profile depth at the centre of the canopy gave a softer feel, and a further reduction of about 8 percent gave an even softer feel. Interestingly, this overall 15 percent reduction in profile depth did not result in less low end power.

Line Attachments:

Most obvious is the change to a “V” attachment for the back pigtail. This has two benefits: (1) it permits a better, cleaner relaunch bungee design, and (2) it gives a more solid bar feel when the bar is pulled in for maximum
One side benefit of the new relaunch bungee design is that the back pigtail “V” and back flying lines are less likely to snag on the tip of the leading edge.

Tunable Bar Pressure:
The 2017 Mono features an adjustment in the back line bridle that permits the rider to opt for greater or lesser bar pressure. Low bar pressure reduces strain on arms and makes turn initiation easier, but gives less feedback about kite position and load condition. Higher bar pressure is a little more athletic and is often preferred by more experienced riders.

Cam Battens:

CamBattens give the kite two key advantages: Lower drag at normal angles of attack and better profile stability at low angles of attack!

At normal angles of attack, the CamBattens keep the shape smooth and stable along the front part of the canopy.

Aerodynamic theory tells us that this is the most important part of the profile for generating power with low drag.

As you let the bar out to de-power, the wind tries to collapse the front part of the canopy and push the kite back.

CamBattens resist this by keeping a full, stable shape near the leading edge, allowing the kite to fly at lower angles of attack for more depower.

Combine the CamBattens with Trim Tips, the new tip geometry lets the kite tilt even farther, and de-power to the maximum.

All of this gives the North Neo a very direct feel on the bar, better low end performance due to reduced drag, and a much wider wind range. On the water you will notice that the wind just seems a lot smoother, with less holes and gusts.

North implemented several construction changes in their school kites – the kites that get the hardest, most unremitting beating of any.
One example of these, admittedly subtle, construction changes is the Fusion 10 strut-LE joint. Without going into too much detail, North can simply say that this method of attaching strut to the leading edge is more precise, repeatable and robust than any they have used in the past.
Now that this joint has a year of hard use by schools and riders, North feel confident putting it on all their models. Another change can be found in the chord wise (front to back) seams of the canopy. Where these in the past have been more of a “butt” type of seam they are now the stronger and smoother overlap seam. The improvement can quickly be seen in a canopy that is more wrinkle-free than in the past.

Key Features:

  • Perfect for Freeride / Wave Riding / Foiling
  • 4 or 5 Line Concept
  • Adaptive Tips
  • Short and Direct depower stroke
  • 1 Strut for maximum weight saving
  • Smooth Power Development
  • Easy, direct control bar feedback
  • V-backline system with integrated relaunch bungees
  • Super easy relaunch
  • Comfortable, light and lively steering
  • Direct and fast following steering commands, even completely depowered
  • Low drag design
  • Sizes: 3.5 / 5 / 7 / 9 / 12 / 15
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