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DICE är en perfekt balanserad freestyle/wave kite. Tack vare sin C-shape är den fantastisk att loopa och hoppa med och därför är den grym för svenska förhållanden. DICE har under flera år varit vår storsäljare.

Innehåller: DICE kite, SELECT bräda, Kitebar Quad Control, bag

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Paketet innehåller följande:

  • DUOTONE DICE 2019 valfri storlek
  • NKB Trust Quad Control Bar 2018 22 m (4-line) med Quick Release Freeride
  • DUOTONE SELECT 2019 kitebräda valfri storlek inkl bindning Vario Combo (one size)

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The DICE is a versatile kite for riders who love to throw down freestyle tricks but also like to party in the waves.

With an increased radius profile, a slight delta shape and a redesigned, slightly thicker leading edge, the DICE is a progressive freestyle kite capable of incredible pop and great slack for performing tricks. The smaller sizes below 10m increased the structural stiffness, avoiding any twisting and can handle any wind speeds - perfect for breaking height records and extreme loops. The wing tip area was updated last year to allow for a more dynamic turn and improved handling. This will enable you to achieve bigger jumps and gain more control during loops; it also makes the DICE very effective in the waves. With highly responsive steering the kite feels right at home in cross-onshore conditions where you need to follow the kite down the line. Excellent drifting capabilities mean it is also at home in cross-offshore conditions too.

It can be flown as a 4-line or 5-line set up depending on your style or preference, and there are tuning options to tweak the handling too. The hard setting now has a 20mm longer pig tail, making it the perfect set up for Freestyle/Wakestyle moves, offering massive slack. Delivering outstanding pop and release for incredible freestyle performance and dynamic handling for wave riding prowess, roll the DICE and you’ll get a winning combination.

The new Select is replacing the famous X-ride and is the perfect board for riders looking to improve and advance their skills. A step up comfort board which offers increased performance for freeriding and those first freestyle tricks, coupled with incredible carving abilities for shredding waves. A soft flex achieved with the brand new Space Flex Technology makes the board comfortable and forgiving to ride even in the roughest of seas. Grab rails assure you´ll always get the right grip on your board no matter in which situation. The Step Mono Concave shape on the bottom increases the grip and upwind abilities of the board while weight is reduced thanks to the Carbon Beam, which also improves the responsiveness of the ride. Just as much fun in the waves as it is flying through the air or cruising upwind the Select is an all-rounder that will make you look great on the water, whatever your style!

An incredibly easy to ride freeride board that is perfect for ambitious and advanced freeriders, looking for a combination of comfort and performance.