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44900-3003PKTEVO GONZ

Nya EVO-paketet är det bästa allroundpaket DUOTONE tagit fram. Passar Freeriders och alla discipliner. När du stormar vågorna så ger EVO dig en proaktiv styrning. Om du vill pusha och hoppa högst så är den mycket kraftfull och ger enorm "hangtime". Kör du urkrokat så levererar EVO.

Innehåller: EVO kite, GONZALES bräda, kitebar Quad Control, Quickrelease Freeride, bag.

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Paketet innehåller följande:
  • DUOTONE EVO 2019 valfri storlek
  • NKB Trust Quad Control Bar 2018 22 m (4-line) med Quick Release Freeride
  • DUOTONE GONZALES 2019 kitebräda valfri storlek inkl bindning Vario Combo (one size)

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The Evo is the best allrounder with an incredible wind range, precise power delivery, amazing stability and responsive handling, making it the choice for any type of conditions or riding style. The EVO was a real standout kite of last year; completely redesigned on three struts, it is now a dedicated three-strut all-rounder that impressed everyone who flew it. With incredible hangtime and massive boosting capabilities, it became one of Duotone’s most popular kites. The EVO is a delta-shaped kite designed to offer fantastic upwind performance and huge jumps. It has a dynamic turn that lends itself well to playing in the waves, and the kite is perfect for those riders looking to try their first freestyle moves too. It doesn’t matter what your style is on the water; the EVO is truly capable of handling it all. The structural stiffness of the smaller sizes has been enhanced, making them rock solid even in gusty and strong winds. Reduced bar pressure makes the kite easy to fly and very forgiving, appealing to a lot of riders across the ability spectrum. Sheet and go handling further enhances the rider experience, meaning the incredible performance of the EVO is available to everyone. If your riding isn’t confined to a particular discipline and you like to keep your options open for freestyle, big air and waves, then you need the EVOlution!


Learning to kiteboard should be as easy and fun, and that is why we created the Gonzales. Thanks to the intelligent design of this board you’ll progress faster than ever. The soft flex offers an incredibly smooth ride in all conditions while the rounded outline makes those early turns and carves easy. The large fins provide excellent grip to help you fly upwind, and the Mono Concave Bottom Shape encourages early planing and helps to smooth out any mistakes you might make with the kite. Packed with enough performance to keep you entertained long into your kiteboarding career, the Gonzales is set to be your perfect partner on the water!

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44900-3003PKTEVO GONZ