Phantom Infinite LTD World Cup

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Phantom Windsurfing-produkter har förändrat spelet inom windfoiling under de senaste tre åren, revolutionerat sporten och gjort fenan föråldrad för racing.

INFINITE LTD är en helt ny design utvecklad i nära samarbete med D3 Applied Technologies (Amerikas cupdesigners som nu arbetar med Alinghi) och Nicolas Goyard. PHANTOM är det första företaget att sätta ett hastighetsförutsägelseprogram för vindfoiling baserat på spjutspetsteknologier som tidigare använts exklusivt i America's Cup. 


The Latest Advancement in Wind Foiling

Phantom Windsurfing products have been a game-changer in windfoiling over the last three years, revolutionizing the sport and making the fin obsolete for racing.

We are proud to announce the launch of the Infinite Ltd foil, which will set a new benchmark for high-performance windsurfing foils in the coming years.

It is a completely new design developed in close collaboration with D3 Applied Technologies (America's cup designers now working with Alinghi) and Nicolas Goyard. PHANTOM is the first company to set a Velocity Prediction Program for windfoiling based on cutting edge technologies previously used exclusively on the America’s Cup. This software is allowing to optimise and trim every parts independently (front wing size and angle, rear wing, fuselage, rig, board...) and see the real influence on speed through the entire wing range. This revolutionary tool provides very accurate datas to then refine the design of our foils with Computerised Fluid Dynamics analysis.

1. mast : A super thin and narrow 95cm mast with slightly less chord than the R95 PWA to reduce the wetted surface, a new connection inspired with our wing foils which is more compact

2. fuselages : The fuselages are made of titanium which allow to reduce significantly the section in order to reduce drag. Fuselages are both 100cm long, one has the front wing moved 10mm backward as compare to the existing 100 EVO, the other has the front wing moved 30mm backward

3. front wings  : 800cm2 for long distance race, 650cm2 for PWA Slalom light wind, 475cm2 for PWA Slalom high wind, 360cm2 for speed.

4. back wings : 190cm2 for long distance and slalom light wind, 170cm2 for slalom high wind and speed.

The new more compact mast/fuselage connection allows the fuselage section to be significantly reduced.

The new shape of the front wings provides more stability and tolerance.

Here are the main specifications of the INFINITE LTD World cup :

Mast : Infinite 95cm

Front wings: 650cm2 for PWA slalom light wind, 475cm2 for PWA slalom high wind.

Rear wings: 190cm2 for long-distance and slalom light wind, and 170cm2 for slalom high wind and speed.

Fuselage titanium : 100cm (-10) & 100cm (-30)

The fuselages are made of titanium, which significantly reduces the section and drag. Both fuselages are 100cm long. One has the front wing moved 10mm backward compared to the existing 100 EVO, while the other has the front wing moved 30mm backward like the 100 PWA fuselage.

Please note that none of these items are compatible with the existing IRIS windfoil range.