DUOTONE Mast-Fuselage Set + Bag 3.0 90 AL

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Foil-set. Mast och Fuselage för att bygga din foil. Bag och skruvar ingår.

Spirit 3.0-serien är en solid aluminiummast som erbjuder massor av kontroll och stabilitet i otrolig hastighet.

Detta ingår i detta paket: DUOTONE Mast AL 90 + Fuselage AL 70 Spirit + Bag

Komplettera med ett av DUOTONE WING SET för att få ett komplett foilpaket.

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The new version of Spirit Aluminium Fuselages offer a 5% drag reduction and therefore allow higher speeds with a lot of control due to the increased stiffness. The short fuselage offers very lively maneuverability, steering impulses are transmitted fast and direct. The increased torsional stiffness results in a more predictable feedback to the pilot. Due to the weight reductions, a total overall amount of 400g could be saved, the Spirit now also shines with a 30 % higher bending stiffness and a 15% higher increased torsional stiffness!

The Aluminium fuselage with embedded pocket for the mast connection and with two back wing positions is a smooth aerodynamic construction, with two different tuning options.

The Spirit 3.0 Aluminium Fuselages are compatible with all Spirit front and back wings.

The Spirit 3.0 series, a stunning Aluminium solution with a lot of control and a guarantee for loads of speed!

Performance features:

5 % drag reduction

Higher top end due to increased stiffness

Additional back wing position

Better maneuverability due to shorter fuselage

More direct steering behavior

Better feedback due to increased torsional stiffness

Wake and Foil Wing suitability


Technical features:

400 gr overall weight reduction for mast and fuselage

Lightweight and stiffness-oriented mast geometry

30% higher mast bending stiffness

15% increased torsional stiffness

Reduced fuselage by 3cm + Front Wing closer to mast



Performance features:

5% drag reduction (calculation)

Higher speeds due to increased stiffness

Technical details:

30% higher bending stiffness

15% increased torsional stiffness

20% weight reduction (90cm Mast 355gr)

+ 10% cord length

+ 20% thickness


FUSELAGE (67 cm)

Performance features:

Better manoverability due to new length

More direct steering behaviour and better feedback

Additional back wing position for a more playful foil

Technical details:


Front wing closer to mast

Back wing position at 67cm

Back wing position at 63cm for advanced riders




5mm increased pocket height

40% increased pull out resistance


Mast 90 cm and Fuselage 67 cm 2,8 KG