ION Radium Waist Harness Black

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Radium är den perfekta selen för varje vindsurfare som letar efter flexibilitet i kombination med bra ryggstöd. En EVA-kudde på insidan ger dämpning medan 3D_Plus-ryggraden förstärker ryggstödet.

Selen har en låg vikt tack vare halv-Curv-konstruktionen, icke-vattenabsorberande HD_Foam och den eleganta Spectre Bar (vindsurfkrok ingår).

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The latest addition to ION's Ergo_Concept, the Radium is the perfect harness for every windsurfer who's looking for flexibility combined with good back support. With a flex index of 8, it belongs to the medium rigid harnesses. Flexible side parts and an internal flex belt allow for good mobility.

Developed with the rider's health in mind, the Radium features an exchangeable Ergo_Pad on the inside. The pad is characterized by its integrated channel, different thicknesses and elevated trigger points on the outside. These prevent lower back injuries, reduce pain and increase comfort. Both pads are included and attached with a very robust velcro. Just try both and go with the one you feel more comfortable with.

The 3D_Plus spine reinforces back support. The result is a sound balance between freedom of movement and support through a high outline.

The harness comes with a lightweight thanks to the partly Curv construction, non-water absorbent HD_Foam, and the sleek Spectre Bar (windsurf hook included). The Curv_Flaps of the Spectre bar create a seamless and optimal force distribution throughout the harness.

The SPECTRE-Bar is ION's latest innovation in spreader bar technology. It features a slim outline and is made from forged carbon C30 which makes it also incredibly light. Thanks to the bar's stiff properties, it provides direct feedback. A super-slim EVA pad minimizes pressure points so you can focus only on your riding. Integrated Spectre Flaps on each side made out of Curv material prevent twisting of the bar while still following your movements.  The tension lever system guarantees an easy on and off of the harness without having to change the webbings. The Spectre Bar comes with an aluminum windsurf hook.


- 3D_Plus_Spine: The hybrid harness range comes with a 3-dimensional version of the PLUS_Spine feature, which results in stronger back support.

- PVC Buckle: Standard PVC buckles for easy adjustments.

- Grey Foam

- Internal Flex_Belt: A flexible closing belt system on the inside guarantees a snug fit and adapts perfectly to the rider’s individual anatomy.

- Flex Index 8

Size    Inch Cm
S 48 28''-32'' 74–84
M 50 31''-34'' 82–92
L 52 33''-36'' 90–100
XL 54 35''-39'' 98–108
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