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ION Axxis Kite 4 Waist Harness Dark Blue

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The trendy Axxis Kite 4 offers the option of a removable HPL_Slider and represents a top quality, super stylish harness. Even better, packed with impressive state-of-the-art features and a great overall performance, the AXXIS comes at a very appealing price!

The optional seat extension provides you with comfort and prevents the harness from riding up.

With a flex index* of 4 the AXXIS KITE is the softest harness with a low outline in our range for adults.

*Flex Index (1-20): The flex index describes the rigidity of the harness. Higher flex index = hard and rigid = direct feeling Lower flex index = soft and flexible = comfortable

- Seatpart Connector and Removable seatpart (Seatpart is not included with the harness and must be ordered separately)

- Soft Flex

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