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ION Radium Team Series Waist Harness

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Fully_Moulded EVA: Complete mould, no water absorption

C_Bar: Fiber reinforced injection material with a modular exchangeable metal hook.The new tension lever tightens the harness without changing the buckle settings.

Neo_Belt: Improved flex, twist and comfort NEW!

Silicon Print: to make sure your harness stays on the right place


RADIUM Team Series—the name says it all! In endless hours on the water, together with our top waveriders and racers, ION created this super comfortable harness that satisfies all needs for a fantastic day on the water no matter if you feel like shredding some waves, pushing the limits of speed or just going freeriding.



With the C-bar, ION introduces a new technology for spreaderbars. Two features mark the difference: the new tension lever system tightens the harness without having to change the buckle settings, therefore guaranteeing a perfect fit. This new system provides a symmetric force spread while riding and is therefore very comfortable. The C-Bar is made out of fiber re-inforced injection material instead metal, which makes it ultra lightweight.

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