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ION CS Wave Kite Waist Harness

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ION senaste superhängsele nu i composite för maximal tryckfördelning. Nu kan du köra med otroligt bra komfort och fortfarande perfekt rörlighet och flex.

Nya CS Wave-selen har den helt nyutvecklade kroken C-BAR med sliderfunktion för maximal tryckavlastning och rörlighet.

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High Performance Pre-Shape: Inside 3D EVA Shape lock into your waist and prevent friction. Combined with the comfy Hyper Foam for ergonomic fit without sucking water.

Composite Shape: Extremely strong composite construction for outstanding back support with flexible sideparts

C_Bar: Fiber reinforced injection material with a modular exchangeable metal hook.The new tension lever tightens the harness without changing the buckle settings.

Downforce: Enables twisting motions but prevents the harness from riding up



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Line Concept

The Composite Series—the name says it all! The final result of an extensive and lengthy R&D period stands for high-end materials and absolute top quality. With centered support where needed and flexible side parts to adapt to your individual style, this is the ideal match for powerful wave riding. The Archbar and Hyperfoam add to the harness's outstanding performance. Radical moves need radical design.


Composite Technology

The new and unique composite construction combines stiff and flexible materials in a new shape concept providing the perfect combination of support and freedom of movement. Click here for more technical details of our carbon series

Composite Technology


With the C-bar, ION introduces a new technology for spreaderbars. Two features mark the difference: the new tension lever system tightens the harness without having to change the buckle settings, therefore guaranteeing a perfect fit. This new system provides a symmetric force spread while riding and is therefore very comfortable. The C-Bar is made out of fiber re-inforced injection material instead metal, which makes it ultra lightweight. Click here for more details.



Pre-shaped construction that allows the harness to wrap perfectly around the body, offering additional support.


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