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ION Maddox Waist Harness Black

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En flexibel och skön sele främst för freestyle och wave 

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Flex-Cut: freedom of movement and support where needed 

: internal load spreading system 

Inside x-spine/Neoprene cushion: helps top keep the harness in place

Wrap_Tec: the harness is not flat, it wraps itself around your hips


FLEX CUT: This reinforcement construction with slim outlines provides more flexibility sideways. Nevertheless Flex_Cut still offers enough support at the back center.
CROSS_LINK: The cross over webbing reinforcement allows a complete back part load spreading.
WRAP TEC: Preshaped harness construction which allows the harness to wrap around the body.
HIP PROTECTION: Bending sideways the pelvis bones get protected by a special foam padding.
SUPPORT CUSHION: Neoprene cushion inside for a soft and comfortable support of the riders back.
SOFT EDGE: A soft neoprene edge around the supportive structure makes you forget that you wear a harness.
TWISTER: This neoprene construction allows the harness to twist around the body especially when worn without a wetsuit.
CONTOUR SHAPE 2.0: Special shape technique which provides a perfect fit to the upper and lower part of the back through different shaped segments of the harness.
INTERNAL FLEX BELT: Keeps your harness in place when not hooked.
HANDLE PASS LEASH SLIDER: Slim slidingtube to connect with the handle pass leash. New end-stopper fittings.
PUSH BUTTON SPREADER BAR: Save and easy release system for the spreader bar.
BELT GARAGE: Neoprene pockets over the buckles allow storing away the webbing endings in a slick and easy way.
PRO PAD: The world’s first fully moulded protection pad ensures a lightweight, less water absorbing and comfortable cushioning of the spreaderbar.

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