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ION Nova 6 Kite Waist Harness Women Dark Blue

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Bekväm midjesele med mycket stöd, särskilt anpassad för tjejer.

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The NOVA fascinates with an outstanding and sophisticated design developed exclusively for women. Lightweight EVA, internal flex belt and many other top-of-the-range features ensure this harness will perform, protect and offer all the support you need. All you have to do is enjoy the ride in the softest harness (flex index 6) with a high outline of our range.


Fully_Moulded EVA: Complete mould, no water absorption

C_Bar: Fiber reinforced injection material with a modular exchangeable metal hook.The new tension lever tightens the harness without changing the buckle settings.

Hyper_Foam: A viscous elastic foam that creates an ergonomic fit without sucking water.

X_Spine: Thermo moulded X-shaped EVA protection that soaks up pressure, protecting the back without stiffening the harness.

Reduced upper back: for freedom of movement

PVC_Buckle: for easy adjustments.

Internal Flex_Belt: Keeps your harness in place when unhooked

Inside EVA: Internal EVA construction for optimised comfort

HPL_Slider: Slim sliding tube to connect with the handle pass leash. New end-stopper fittings.


Size (EU/cm)   Waist / Hip       Back length

34 / XS               56-68                  -

36 / S                  66-76                  ≤45

38 / M                74-84                  ≤46

40 / L                  82-92                  -

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