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Tabou Rocket Wide 2018

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Söker du en riktigt bra allroundbräda?

Tack vare tidig planing, grym accelereration, enkel att gippa och bra kontroll i högre farter blir detta en bräda som passar perfekt för såväl fortsättaren och  även den mer avancerade surfaren som vill ha en lättseglad bräda med hög prestanda.Tabou Rocket Wide -Testvinnare år efter år.

Foil Ready kan beställas i 120 och 135 ltr storlek.

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  •  6.5m and down and the supplied fin worked excellently, retaining traction even when pushed hard, encouraging the rider to plough more power into it. And this is where the Rocket Wide really excels. It is extraordinarily fast for a freeride board, and yet never seems to trip or stutter, even in the harshest chop. It remains planted and settled underfoot, almost trimming itself on autopilot, flattering even the experienced rider."!
  • https://www.windsurf.co.uk/test/tabou-rocket-wide-ltd-100l-2017-test-review/"Comfortably powered

Modern freeriders looking for a high performance and Foilers looking for a high-performance convertible option.

We wanted to make a faster Rocket, so we made it shorter, wider, thinner. The end result is a marriage of freeride and speed: fast in the straights, soft to ride and, easy to jibe. The extra width of the Rocket Wide increases planing surface for better acceleration and to carry speed through lulls which is good in gusty winds or on freshwater lakes. The width also helps to keep speed and balance during jibes. The slalom features in the tail, give the Rocket Wide enough speed to compete against race boards, all with a freeride comfort.

The Rocket Wide is now available in two sizes optimised for easy foil performance. Using the Rocket Wide’s natural acceleration, the foil quickly produces lift and carries you out of the water and flying forward, even in light winds. The wide, flat deck offers comfort and control when riding the foil. 120 and 135 ltr board comes with a reinforced deep tuttle foil box to withstand the increased pressures caused by the foil. When the wind gets stronger, switch the foil for the supplied G10 fin and experience the freeride magic of the Rocket Wide.




  • Straightened rocker in the nose for better low-end acceleration
  • Reshaped deck shape at the tail to be more ergonomic which not only is more comfortable for the feet but also helps to go upwind
  • Reduced cutout area to provide more control
  • Deepened concaves on the bottom to make the board cut through chop more easily
  • – Speed of slalom with the ease of freeride
  • – RTM fins for better acceleration, especially in lighter winds


The Rocket Wide CED and Rocket Wide LTD are for freeriders who want it easy—more stability, more glide. It will carry you from your first planning jibes till your millionth!


Rocket Wide 100 LTD & CED 100 240 69 6.5/7.6 Power Box 1x FR 36 wet layup / high perform. < - 7.7
Rocket Wide 110 LTD & CED 110 240 73 6.8/7.7 Power Box 1x FR 38 wet layup / high perform. < - 8.4
Rocket Wide 120 LTD & CED 120 240 77 7.1/7.9 Power Box 1x FR 40 wet layup / high perform. < - 9.0
Rocket Wide 135 LTD & CED 135 240 81 7.6/8.8 Power Box 1x FR 46/48 wet layup /high perform. < - 10.0
Rocket Wide 120 LTD & CED FOIL READY 120 240 77 7.5/8.2 Tuttle Foil 1x FR 40 wet layup / high perform. < - 9.0
Rocket Wide 135 LTD & CED FOIL READY 135 240 81 7.9/9.1 Tuttle Foil 1x FR 46/48 wet layup /high perform. < - 10.0
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