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Gaastra Matrix 2018

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Detta är det ultimata "all terrain" seglet.

Tack vare den stabila profilen får du både maximal toppfart och bästa hanterbarhet av något segel i surftidningarnas tester. Det är dessutom väldigt lättriggat och tack vare den nya mastkurvan har prestandan förbättrats ytterligare.

Detta seglet är för dig som söker absolut bästa balans och prestanda inför utan att köra med cambersegel.

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Regardless if you’re just getting into planing or already been a windsurfer for 20 years, the Matrix has everything you need to make the most of your sailing session.

The new Matrix is the ultimate choice for freeride sailors looking for maximum performance in an easy to use, light in the hands, no camber rig. In 2018 a new outline combined with updated profile ensure a more constant and evenly distributed power delivery. Increased mid and top twist result in a sail with even more top end speed than previous seasons. No cross batten keeps the outline compact and the boom length short improving handling in all conditions.

When you just want to enjoy a windy weekend or race around with some friends the Matrix is the sail of choice for free ride sailors around the globe.



  • All new outline with improved   POSI-LEECH and dynamic cut-out.
  • All new Constant curve luff curve.
  • Inset Clew geometry reduces boom length
  • All new foot geometry to improve aerodynamics and close the gap between board and sail
  • New Lightweight simplified panel layout
  • New Optimized batten layouts with 7 battens from 7.2 up and 6 battens from 6.7 down
Ross Williams

"The changes for this year put the Matrix in a league of its own! When you want power it is there. When you want control, you have it. For learning to turn and all round blasting past your buddies, you can’t go wrong here- Read the magazine tests, this thing kicks ass!”


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