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North Sails Drive Grom
  • North Sails Drive Grom

North Sails Drive Grom Juniorsegel

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KIDS WANTS TO HAVE FUN. Häftig design precis som vuxensegel men med alla fördelar för barn. Den otroligt låga vikten gör detta segel perfekt för dig som söker ett mycket lätthanterligt och bra första-segel.

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Crossover Kids

Especially for kids and juniors we have put a huge effort into developing them their own sail range. According to the motto: Just the best for the kids! 

Most sail brands use exactly the same materials for their kids sail as in the adult sails (e.g. heavy X.PLY). Surf instructors think about this as completely over engineered and refer to the basic physical requirements. Through years of cooperation with all major schools (e.g. VDWS, Club Mistral, Planet) NorthSails has gained an enormous competitive edge in this area, which is fully incorporated into the DRIVE.GROM line. A very balanced shape combined with lightweight cloths are used to perfectly suit the light weight and lack of power of the target group. The new DRIVE.GROM therefore is likely to be the most specialized kids sail on the market!

The DRIVE.GROM particularly benefits from the sophisticated mix of materials in combination with the iMODULAR.DESIGN and use of lightweight mono-film without compromising durability. Five sizes with individual batten configurations based on the ergonomics and physical power of the youngsters result in high-quality and high-performance equipment so that fun and success of the kids are guaranteed right from the beginning.

Additionally, we developed special mast/boom components for the DRIVE.GROM (see also the brand-new EPX at page 74-75)! That means the DRIVE.GROM is also available as complete rigs!




Key features

01   PROGRESSIVE.BATTEN.CONFIGURATION: size-specific amount of battens ideally matching the age and weight of the kids

02   Maximum weight reduction through iMODULAR.DESIGN

03   VTS and HTS: NorthSails exclusive visual trim indications make rigging a piece of cake

04   2 Year Warranty. Get an additional 3 year Warranty



Size Boom max (cm) Luff max (cm) Vario Top Battens Weight (kg) Mast Type Mast Length (cm): Best/Alternative
1,0 98 199 2 1.15 EPX ALU 200
1,5 118 199 2 1.30 EPX Alu 200
2,0 119 260 3 1.55 EPX Alu 260/290
2,5 129 290 3 1.70 EPX Alu 260/290
3,0 142 318 3 1.90 EPX Carbon / EPX Alu 360
3,5 150 327 4 2.20 EPX Carbon / EPX Alu 360
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