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Tabou Rocket Fifty LTD

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Ny för i år är Tabou Fifty .

Detta är perfekt för dig som vill ha en supernabb bräda för att köra med fena med bra tryck i seglet, och samtidigt känna att du inte missar en dag för att det blåser för lite. Brädan har designats för foil inte enbart med en foil box utan även hur däcket och outline är utformat för att ha rätt position för en balanserad foilstans.  Tabou Fifty nu det senaste inom foil and fin ready.

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50% Foil + 50% Fin = 100% WINDSURF PERFORMANCE

The two in one solution for freeracing and windfoiling – make sure to get 100% performance, no matter what’s in your fin box. The Fifty is the consequent evolution of the Rocket+ for riders, who want nothing else but performance in light and stronger winds. With just one board you’ll be able to enjoy your time on the water, no matter what the conditions look like. Make use of the shortened outline, higher entry rocker and wider tail with big step cut-outs to take-off early on a foil in marginal winds or put a fin under the board and enjoy the pure freeracing performance with impressive top speed and control.



Used with its supplied fin initially, the Fifty feels compact and relatively small underfoot, but apply the pressure, drive it off the wind through the fin and it needs little more encouragement to release. The footstraps feel more outboard than most and take some good orientation to find; if less well versed there are inset placements to use. Once on the surface of the water and planing though, this thing is like dynamite! It accelerates feverishly and yearns for more power. It provides a high-octane ride and naturally lets the rider slip into a committed stance, their feet comfortably resting against the ergonomic rail shape and driving hard against the fin. Partnered with an efficient sail, it is fast on all points of sail, but particularly off the wind, skipping over the back of chop, whilst retaining its compact, comfortable and dependable nature – impressive for a board of its tail width. That said, unlike a slalom board, if the conditions become too challenging, the Fifty does allow the rider to stand up and ease out, settling it down and sailing at half speed. It provides the time and manners for you to gather your breath, before engaging again and going for another glory run. In the gybe, the Fifty goes require some guidance and rider input, particularly when fully lit and in corrugated seas. Pick your spot and enter with speed and commitment though and it will provide the just rewards – it grips like there is no tomorrow and will throw you out of the turn with interest. Perhaps a little unnerving for the progressing intermediate, it will command the more experienced rider’s attention and keep them coming back for more. And as for its foiling credentials, the Fifty is a born flier! High aspect, low aspect – it can partner them all. We did find it flew nose down with a few, so if the foil has a tail-shim trimming option, all the better. If not, play with the base plate position before the footstrap options until comfortable.

Volume Volume
115 l 125 l
Length Length
232 cm 232 cm
Width Width
72 cm 76 cm
Weight(*) Weight(*)
7.0 kg TEAM 7.2 kg
7.6 kg LTD 7.8 kg
Box Box
Foil Box Foil Box
Fin Fin
MFC 38 HF RIDE Carbon /  TEAM MFC 40 HF RIDE Carbon / 
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