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Tabou Da Bomb DEMO

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010319DB84 demo

Begagnad mycket bra skick 3/5

Tabou Da Bomb kom förra året och har redan tagit marknaden med storm. Det är en helt nyutvecklad wave-bräda för onshore förhållanden. Den är snabbare och klarar "white-water" lättare tack vare sin rakare rocker och längre outline.

En kortare akter med kanaler gör den otroligt lättsvängd.

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Make sure you catch every wave with our fastest wave board and cut radical turns into even the smallest wave face.


Wave riders with that extra need for speed to catch each wave they spot, but don’t want to miss tight turns and vertical hits.

The 2019 Da Bomb was complemented with 2018’s Pocket 77 to create a wider and more versatile range of wave boards. With the Da Bomb, we managed to achieve great planing and top speed without sacrificing fast and easy turns. Never miss out on any wave anymore, because the Da Bomb’s straight rocker will get you going quickly and on every wave, you wish to be on.

A short tail and channels on the bottom allow the board to turn fast, controlled and tight, when you apply pressure to the back foot. With a center US-Box in the Da Bomb 84, 94 and 104, it can be used either with a thruster setup or a big single fin to get planing early and ride through chop with ease. The compact outline will make moves like Takas and Shakas easy and accessible to those, who are just starting to make the extra spin at the lip. This board combines speed and control, making it the best jumping board in the Tabou range, but that is not its only strength.

Da Bomb 77 77 214 56 6,1 3x Slotbox
Da Bomb 84 84 220 58.5 6,4 2x Slotbox + 1x US BOX
Da Bomb 94 94 222 60.5 6,8 2x Slotbox + 1x US BOX
Da Bomb 104 104 226 62.5 7.0 2x Slotbox + 1x US BOX
010319DB84 demo
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