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DUOTONE Super_Star SLS Demo

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DEMO skick 5/5

MAXIMALT STRIPPAD. Varje enskild del på seglet är imponerande lätt. Drömmen om det ultimata vågseglet som är superlätt och samtidigt otroligt hållbart. Tack vare att varje del på seglet är tillverkad med det absolut bästa och lättaste material som går att uppbringa blir detta seglet "state of the art".

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At only 2.5 kg (size 4.2), the new SLS is as light as a membrane construction, without its enormous disadvantages in terms of durability and “sponginess” profile stability. To make this possible, we have analyzed every single detail, no matter how small, and developed numerous optimizations.

STRIPPED TO THE MAX: Reduced to the very essentials, ultra-light and yet durable: with the SUPER_STAR SLS we are fulfilling our own dream of the ultimate, ultra-direct wave sail with state-of-the-art technology.

Incredible handling on the one hand through a minimum of parts and weight, yet no sacrifice in durability and longevity and therefore we awarded it the unsurpassed.

DUOTONE 5-year warranty!

With the SLS, we are introducing a new CarbonXPly sandwich material that, despite its lightness, directs tension and load forces to predefined points in a more targeted manner and over a larger area.

This intelligent mix of carbon and the well-known XPly, in combination with the material properties leaves the sail with a certain flexibility but does not give way under high pressure and distributes it perfectly to both battens, especially in the top.

Even the visuals were included in the weight savings, which is why designer Kai Hopf eliminated all unnecessary graphic elements. As a result, the SLS signals its lightness from afar, its reduction to the essentials and its one hundred percent focus on maximum performance and mega handling.


+ STRIPPED TO THE MAX: NEW As light as a membrane construction, without its enormous

disadvantages in terms of durability and “sponginess” profile stability.

+ CARBON XPLY: NEW XPly reinforced with unidirectional Carbon strings leads to unmatched

low stretch and direct reaction

+ VTS TAIL outhaul specs: NEW Each sail carries individually defined indications for the correct

outhaul extension.

+ ONE PIECE SLEEVE: NEW No more seam at the leading edge >> 80 g lower weight and no hard spot

through overlapping panels.

+ XPLY PLUS: Laminate (100/150 micron) with the lowest stretch and best UV

and puncture resistance on the market.

+ RADIAL LOAD SWOOSH at the clew improves the stability and thus extends the wind range.

+ Unbreakable Epoxy Battens.

+ iROCKET 2.0: Factory calibrated individual batten tensions using a torque wrench.

+ SUPER_LIGHT BUMPER: The lightest protector on the market, with integrated trim indicator.

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