ION Onyx Core 5/4 FZ DL

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IONs "performance"-serie  med superflex i överdelen.

Oavsett om du kitar, surfar mm passar denna modellen för alla vattensporter.

Med Front Zip för ännu bättre passform, för att slippa att vatten rinner in i ryggen.
Inbyggda skydd för revben och smalben.

Dräneringshål i vaden för att slippa vatten samlas
Axlar/hals 130% stretch, Kropp 100% stretch
Hot Stuff samt S-type neopren

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Given all the features of this all-rounder, the ONYX CORE Frontzip comes at an incredibly low price. Featuring highly durable nylon in the legs and torso, the ONYX CORE is a very robust suit and available in two fashionable color combinations to suit your style!

Tight fit: for superior freedom of movement

130% / 100% stretch: shoulder area made out of Cyber-Stretch 130%, the most flexible lining available. 100% stretch from chest and down.

Warm: Hot_Stuff 2.0 ensures no limitation in stretch and keeps you warm at the same time.

S-Type Foam: S-Type foam is made of limestone instead of oil. It offers good stretch and warmth.

Hot_Stuff 2.0:  large area of Hot_Stuff 2.0 providing stretch and keeping you warm.

Sweep_Cut: improved panel design for more stretch.

Maki_Tape 2.0: Taping only where needed to keep the great flex.

Ninja_Knee: The Ninja_Knee uses the same highly elastic material used in the arm panels. The result is awesome freedom of movement while bending your knees.

Ninja_Spine: Same concept as for the Ninja_Knees. A smalls trip is inserted between the back and the buttock panel giving you upper body freedom to rotate and more stretch för paddling.

Frontzip (FZ)



The STRIKE suits have a slightly wider biceps cut as a wider hip, waist, femur and a bigger lower leg circumference which feels up to a half a size bigger than the ONYX suits.

Furthermore, the detachable Velcro Leg_Loops which prevents water from rushing into the suit, the Crash_Padz at shins and ribs and the Glide_Skin panel at the back for wind chill protection only come with the STRIKE wetsuits.

If your are a wind water sports hero you can ride the ONYX. In the end, it is all about the taste:
With out the Crash_Padz and the Glide_Skin panel and due to the tighter fit, the ONYX feels lighter, thinner and like a second skin.

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