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SURFPAKET (Nivå 1-2) OXBOW WIND SUP, iRIG (Uppblåsbar)

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Det har aldrig varit lättare att surfa och inte minst att rigga ditt segel.

En uppblåsbar SUP med mycket brett användningsområde med möjlighet att båda paddla SUP och att windsurfa med.

Nu med den helt nya och helt uppblåsbara riggen ARROWS iRIG. Den fick årets utmärkelse på världens största mässa som "Product of the Year".
Superlåg vikt, från 1,5 kg för hela iRIG-paketet ( mast, bom, segel).

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Detta ingår i vårt myckert prisvärda SUP Windsurfpaket. 

OXBOW WIND-SUP bräda uppblåsbar inkl bag och pump.

Den nya och revolutionerade windsurfriggen iRIG i strl S-M och L (vikt endast från 1,5 kg)

Välj mellan 3 storlekar: S, M och L. Anpassade för hur stor du är.

Komplettera med BIC Paddel alu delbar och justerbar i längd.




We added an extra fin in the center of the board together with a mast insert for true windsurf performance. The center fin allows you to track upwind even in light wind while the mast insert lets you match your board with one of our turnkey rig packages

Model Length Width Volume Weight Ideal sail m2 Rider weight for good stability
OXBOW 10'6 SUP AIR Wind 320 cm 84 cm 290 L 9,5 kg 2,5-9,0 90 kg


NKB the world biggest Kite brand and NorthSails market leader in Windsurfing rigs have joined forces to create the most innovative rig ever made.

The outcome is what we call best of both worlds: incredible low weight and packing dimensions achieved through inflatable Kite-technology combined with the appeal and safety of a Windsurf rig.
It is an unbeatable package making it the ideal addition to your SUP as an entry into the fascination of windpoweredsports.
On top the iRIG will revolutionize the Windsurfing Entry and Schooling as it’s 70% lighter than any conventionalWindsurfing rig.

Combined with the inflatable “mast” and “boom” parts the rig always floats on the water making
starting and learning a piece of cake.

- Super light weight with around 1,5 kg for very easy learning with instant success and for
a very comfortable transport
- Fixed handle positions avoiding wrong positioning of your hands à facilitates the learning
process enormously
- Completely inflatable construction without hard materials à reduces effort for rigging up
tremendously (Pump&Go within 100 seconds) and gets risk for injuries nearly down to zero
- “A3-size” packing dimensions achieved through inflatable Kite-technology à very easy
transport and storage
- Unlike traditional Windsurf rigs the iRIG floats onto the water à very easy uphauling and
a relaxed paddeling home without drag in case of drifting too far away
- Super simple sizing with Small / Medium / Large (the correct size depends solely on your
body height) à makes it a no brainer to choose the right size



Uppblåsbar -AIR