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Tabou Pocket 77 MTE

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Tabou Pocket är nästa steg i utvecklingen av wingfoilingbrädor och ger likaväl nykomlingar som erfarna surfare exakt rätt bräda för deras behov.

Alla storlekar har en extremt kompakt shape för maximal manövrerbarhet samt ett enda konkavt däck för enastående komfort i var och en av de många fotstroppspositionerna eller när du åker strapless. En mjuk rockerkurva med en platt sektion i aktern gör att du lyfter supertidigt och buffrar touchdowns tillsammans med den konkava raildesignen. 

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The Pocket MTE  is the next step in the evolution of wingfoiling boards and equally provides newcomers and experienced riders with exactly the right board for their needs. All sizes feature an extremely compact outline for maximum controllability and manoeuvrability as well as a single concave deck for outstanding comfort in each of the many foot strap positions or when riding strapless. A smooth curvature rocker with a flat section in the tail makes you take off super early and buffers touchdowns together with the concave rail design. With the addition of new sizes the Pocket Air collection includes easy to use boards for newcomers as well as high-performance shapes for freestylers and wave riders.


57 MTE 132 56 57 5.94 Double US Box
67 MTE 137 58 67 6.35 Double US Box
77 MTE 143 61 77 6.75 Double US Box
87 MTE 153 64 87 7.10 Double US Box
97 MTE 163 67 97 TBA Double US Box
107 MTE 173 70 107 TBA Double US Box
117 MTE 178 71 117 TBA Double US Box
137 MTE 189 76 137 TBA Double US Box


Fabien Vollenweide of Tabou has been creating windsurf boards form his French HQ for over 30 years and is well respected across all disciplines of the world of windsurfing… With the arrival of winging, and the fact that many manufacturers are employing similar constriction techniques to their wing boards, it was a natural progression for Tabou to step into the world of wing sports with the Pocket Air.

First impressions are favorable, with a very striking and we thought super-stylish red and yellow colorway and a crisp and clean finish. The weight is also a very light board… The Pocket is a ‘compact’ board, squirreling away all that volume is an artform in itself (we have tested kiteboards the same length that are 19 liters!). The Pocket is thick throughout but the bulk of the volume is in the front third, with a wide entry point and a ‘bulbous’ nose which protrudes the deck by around an inch through the first quarter of the board. It’s an innovative approach that we have not seen elsewhere.

Underneath there is a medium double concave through the front of the board which tapers out to a flat section through the final third of the board. The tail is a striking wide ‘fish’ shape, there is then a ‘step’ down to the bottom. Again, an innovative approach to maximizing the volume without increasing the amount of board in contact with the water.

On the water and, we tested it with a beginner / intermediate rider in mind. It would also be good to test a smaller version to see how these design features impact on a smaller board and more aggressive riding. The Pocket provides a stable and comfortable platform to get you on your knees and into position. The deck pad is comfortable and the concave deck keeps you feeling secure. The shorter length of the board means that it is easy to orientate yourself and that extra volume in the nose seems to add additional stability. We had some learner wingers try the board and it was as easy to teach on as a 130 or 140l board.

Once you are on your feet, the Pocket Air tracks nicely and does not feel too cumbersome. When it is time to lift up, the board easily comes off the water without any stickiness and the tail pops up super-smoothly. If you touch down, the combination of the double concave and the bulbous nose prevent you from slapping down too heavily and we found popped you up again very comfortably. For transitions off the foil, the Pocket turns like a much smaller board, ensuring you can snap it around without having to draw out your turns too much.

Overall the Pocket does a great job in feeling like a smaller board while still having the volume you need to build your confidence. An impressive introduction to the wingfoil board market.

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