BIC Sportyak 245 Explorer grön
BIC Sportyak 245 Explorer grön
BIC Sportyak 245 Explorer grön
BIC Sportyak 245 Explorer grön
  • BIC Sportyak 245 Explorer grön

Sportyak 245 Explorer Grön/Grå

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EFTERLÄNGTAD COMEBACK! Sportyak är åter i sortimentet.

Ny generation BIC Sportyak-jolle

En mycket lätt båt med inbyggda breda hjul för lätt transport upp och ner från vattnet. Den nya "katamaran"-designen på skrovet gör den mycket lättrodd och extrem stabil för sin storlek. Inbyggt fäste för motor.

Finns i lager

Det kan tillkomma frakttillägg (utöver fraktkostnaden som uppges i webshoppens kassa) till avlägsna orter på fastlandet samt leverans ut till öar. Frakttillägg faktureras separat i efterskott. 


The Sportyak 245 comes complete with:

- 2 oars

- 2 rowlocks

- 3 rowlock brackets

- 1 rope

- 1 seat

- 1 wheel system

The Sportyak 245 is the result of 50 years of experience and development! This mid sized dinghy combines the best features of those other legendary boats that are the BIC 252 and the Sportyak 213.

Used as tenders for boats and for fishing, the Sportyak 245 is the ideal dinghy: more stable, more durable and lighter than the classical dinghies thanks to her particular hull and the technology used to make it.

Light weight, easy to transport, giving you excellent glide when you row, it can also be fitted with either a thermal or electric motor. From carrying men and equipment to an anchored boat, to getting out to the best fishing spots, to being a great toy for the kids… There are almost no limits for this super safe and versatile boat!

More than 150 000 Sportyaks have so far been manufactured, they are 100% recyclable at the end of their life-cycle and have become a standard feature in the yachting world.


Length: 2.45 m

Width: 1.21 m

Weight: 40 kg

Height: 0.42 m

Capacity: 3 persons

Recommended engine: electric or internal combustion, 3 CV (USA: 2 CV)

Maximum load: 290 kg/ 340 lbs

Colors: Blue/Grey

Construction: Polyethylene Twin Sheet Technology

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