BIC SUP /  WINDSURF 10'6"AIR x 33" uppblåsbar

BIC SUP / WINDSURF 10'6"AIR x 33" uppblåsbar

BIC SUP AIR är det perfekta alternativet för dig som behöver ett kompakt och lättpaddlad bräda. Ny konstruktion "drop stitched" och 6 tum tjock gör den betydligt stabilare än tunnare uppblåsbara SUP. Med SUP AIR WIND kan du dessutom windsurfa! Centrum-fena för att windsurfa ingår.

Nu ännu styvare konstruktion tack vare stringer längs med brädan.

Uppgradera paddel BIC-delbar och leasch.

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Windsurfing + SUP

We added an extra fin in the center of the board together with a mast insert for true windsurf performance.
The center fin allows you to track upwind even in light wind while the mast insert lets you match your board with one of our turnkey rig packages

Key Features

Versatile shapes for all-round use, touring, whitewater, fitness and windsurfing
Ultra-light construction = easy to carry
Dyneema stringer improves stiffness vs. traditional inflatables
Deck bungee cord for storing gear
Carry handles at nose, tail and center
Diamond grip EVA pad for added traction and comfort
Universal center fin box with removable center fin (additional fins standard on certain models)
Includes oversize backpack, heavy duty 2-way pump with pressure gauge and repair kit


Download the SUP Air User Guide

Technical data        
Length Width Thickness Volume Weight
320 cm 84 cm 15.2 cm 300 L 10.7 kg



No-Flex Stringer construction for lightweight yet rigid inflatable boards

Ultra-Light, Impressively Rigid, Highly Durable – We’ve revolutionized our SUP AIR construction to optimize rigidity, reduce weight and maintain shape control (via the rocker profile) and durability. An ultra high-density Dyneema® Stringer belt wraps the board tip to tail for added rigidity. Double layer rails maximize durability where needed most and helps to maintain shape. A single layer of drop-stitch material keeps the board extremely lightweight.

Key Features :
High density drop stitch material for stiffness and performance.
Single layer deck and bottom construction for light weight, improved finish.
Deck and bottom stringer with no-flex properties for maximum stiffness and controlled rocker profile.
Double belt construction on the rails for durability.
Tail inflation for easy packing and rolling from the nose.

1 - Deck Pad
2 - Inner PVC layer reinforcement along the rail
3 - Outer PVC layer reinforcement along the rail
4 - Single layer PVC
5 - PVC stringer patch
6 - Bottom stringer
7 - High Density Dropstitch 4”75 or 6” thicknesse
8 - Deck stringer
9 - PVC stringer patch


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