EARTH SUP från BIC är den senaste serien tillverkade i naturliga material. Denna otrloligt vackra bräda tillverkad med  Paulownia trä. Modellen har en utsida som sticker ut mot andra modeller. Riktar sig främst för dig som bryr dig om naturen och vill ha det absolut vackraste marknaden erbjuder.

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The BISCAYNE is designed for Touring & Exploration. Whether it be day trips or week long expeditions, these boards have exceptional glide to help you get Deep into Nature and far from civilization.
The Biscayne’s unique chine and bottom contours keep it stable in all water conditions, even when loaded front and back with dry bags full of gear. Reinforced attachment points allow you to secure equipment and accessory items with ease. The rails are reinforced with flax fiber, known as ‘natures kevlar’, for added durability both on and off the water. A Cork deck pad provides exceptional comfort while being true to the sustainable EARTH SUP ethos.


 Premium shape for touring & exploration
 More natural materials: Paulownia wood & Flax fiber
 Cork deck pad for exceptional comfort and natural grip
 Reinforced attachment points - Leash plug at nose and tail + four attachment points in the front and in the back of the standing area for securing gear and accessories
 Woodcore Touring fin included


 Core : Low density EPS Foam, 15 kg/m3
 Rail Lamination : Uni-Directional 300 gr/m² natural Flax fiber
 Deck + Hull Lamination : 100 g/m² natural Flax Fiber with Paulownia Wood
 Whole Board Lamination : 200 g/m² fiberglass
 Epoxy Resin with 30% bio-sourced materials
 Cork deck pad

1 - CORK Cork is widely used in the shoe industry because of its natural comfort and shock absorbing properties. Our EARTH SUP Deck Pads feature this renewable resource for the same reasons.
2 - PAULOWNIA WOOD Paulowina is fast-growing, lightweight, warp-resistant and strong. The deck of all boards features this exceptionally durable, beautiful and renewable wood. It is also used on the bottom of some SUP boards.
3 - FLAX FIBER Flax fiber is a naturally sourced material that has very similar properties to fiberglass. It has similar flex and tensile strength, but is more durable, and is often referred to as “nature’s Kevlar”. Flax fiber is used on the rails and/or bottom of all EARTH SURF & SUP boards.
VARNISH-FREE No varnish and minimal paint is used for the graphics, decoration or finishing, as these products tend to be toxic and also are hazardous for to work with.
MINIMAL FIBERGLASS The only fiberglass that is used is for the finishing of the board, and the quantity of this man-made mineral fiber is kept to a minimum.


Paddling out to the peak at dawn, hiking through the forest in search of a new break, gliding silently across the surface of a glassy lake, exploring new waterways, reminiscing about the session around a campfire at sunset… EARTH SURF & SUP is an outdoor lifestyle closely connected with nature where exploration and adventure prevail. It’s taking you back to the essence of free surfing, adventure paddling, life on the water. Escape from the world on an adventure Deep into Nature for an afternoon, a week-end, a lifetime.

At EARTH SURF & SUP our mantra, Deep into Nature, is as much about the equipment we use as the places we go. The boards are the tools we use to engage and interact with our surroundings. We feel the same principles that guide us in our daily lives should be applied to the equipment we build and use. EARTH SURF & SUP is a full range of products which, wherever possible and feasible, aim to build and source our gear with construction techniques and materials that respect the environment in which they are used:
 A focus on bio-sourced, renewable materials.
 A production process that is more respectful of sustainable development, limiting waste by minimizing the use of fossil fuels, painting & toxic resins.
 A commitment to ongoing research and development to further our commitment to these principals.

Unfortunately it is simply not possible today to build a board with zero impact on the environment. For example, at the core of every EARTH SURF & SUP board is an EPS (Expanded PolyStyrene) core, as no other feasible alternative exists. However, with EARTH we’ve made the pledge to be better, and to continually develop the range of products so that wherever possible, we will make changes that make a difference.


12'6" 28" 285 L 12,75 kg 50-85 kg
12'6" 29" 305 L 13,0 kg 75-110 kg


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