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North Kiteboarding Foil Kite Ace

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ACE är Norths nya lättvinds foil-kite. Extremt låg vikt i hållbart material men ett mycket brett vindregister och oslagbar hängtid och massiv depower.

Priserna avser kite och bag. Köp till Kitebar Trust Bar Foil.

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The ACE is the light wind foil kite in the range, made for intermediate to advanced riders who value performance above all else. Developed alongside some of the best hydrofoil racers in the world the kite offers some unique characteristics. The ACE is extremely lightweight and uses some unique and exceedingly durable materials. It has a huge wind range with massive depower and offers unrivalled hangtime; it can be ridden with a twin tip for freeride riding or with a hydrofoil for both racing and freeriding. It provides immense amounts of lift, making foiling, tacks, gybes and tricks easy

The North Ace can be flown decidedly close to the edge of the wind window. This corresponds due to its low transverse drag forces very well with a low drag foil board. Resulting in a perfect balance of power between the Foilboard and the ACE kite.

The ACE kite has an enormous depower range. This power can be released linearly during foiling which leads to a feelgood factor no matter which course you are on. Cross travel speed differs enourmously, whether you are on an up, down- or side course.

The ACE generates huge lift during sheeting in or powering. Due to this enormous lift it it's easier to learn and to improve through tacks and jibes. In addition the ACE continues to carry the weight of the rider while changing the foot position, which is a great benefit when learning how to foil.

For a reactive bar feeling, the recommended line length is 18m but for getting started, the recommended line length is 24m as it helps with the kites handling.

North Ace Features include:

  • Advanced lightweight design based on computer-assisted analysis
  • Diverging strong uplift generated by the different segments of the kite due to the stiffened cap to prevent the kite from folding while in flight
  • Optimized shape of the trailing edge for fast and direct turning without turning on the point.
  • Flat profile for more power
  • Late stalling point for precise flying
  • Easy water relaunch thanks to large air volume which ensures that the individual chambers stay air-filled even after the kite rested on the water

  • Unique up- and downwind riding

  • Fast, direct turning ability & strong lift

  • Outstanding hangtime

  • Ultra lightweight and long-lasting

  • Big wind range, massive depower

  • Small packaging volume


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