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NKB har satt ihop ett fantastiskt foil-paket som du lätt kommer igång och kan utvecklas med till helt nya nivåer. Nya Mono är är en superlätt helt ny design för dig som vill ha en bra kite för Foil. Den nya shapen gör den perfekt för dig som också  vill köra vågor eller freeride.

Paketet innehåller: NKB Mono kite, foilbräda, foil och kitebar. Komplettera med North Kiteboarding Surfstraps

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Paketet inehåller följande:

  • North Mono 2018-(Valfri storlek) 3.5m, 5m, 7m, 9m, 12m eller 15m
  • North Trust Quad (4-Line) Control Bar 2018 model
  • North Kiteboarding Foil Speedster Combo 2018 (foil komplett)
  • North Kiteboarding Free Foil 2018 (bräda)

The North Mono is not only a light wind specialist but is also great for freeriding offering an easy setup and jumping properties. The Mono has an outstanding low end range, with the 5m2 and 7m2 models working particularity well with surfboards and lighter breezes.

Stripping it back to basics, the Mono takes inspiration from the Neo where a soft bar feel and linear power development are key. The Mono is easy to relaunch, offers a stable canopy and a very smooth handling. A very light but also very robust kite in a simple package. Completely new to the range is a 15sqm for light wind riding on a twintip, directional or foil!

You can also use the power of the Mono to catch a wave, crank up the depower and shred the wave with zero pull allowing for the ultimate ride in the surf. Its lightweight allows the kite to drift and hang in the air as you ride down the line; it also makes it the perfect travel companion when weight is an issue.

The Mono has a comfortable and forgiving feeling via the bar but still progressive. The turning speed is quick when needed and the kite is also great for easy jumping and excellent hangtime.

  • Soft bar feel and linear power development
  • Excellent depower
  • Quick and easy to relaunch
  • Fast and reactive steering
  • Moderate Delta design
  • 4 and 5 lines compatible
  • Light and robust 1 strut design


3.5 26-40 22-24
5 23-38 22-24
7 19-34 22-24
9 15-30 22-24
12 11-22 22-24
15 6-18 24-27

The Free Foil Board is aimed at the riders looking for easy to ride board; the rubber and cork deck also reduce the risk of injuries during a wipeout.

  • Full rubber and cork deck
  • Three and two strap setup possible
  • 4 Point connection
  • 90 × 165 mm mast to board connection to use a variety of foils
  • Easy access entry level to intermediate foil board
  • Large planing surface
  • Low volume – easy to handle
  • Flex nose to avoid rodeo rides and crashes
44800 -3008PKT