North Sails E.Type 2018

North Sails E.Type 2018

Det nya E.Type har det bästa av två världar. Tidig planing och massvis med fart.

Seglet som år efter år vinner massor av tester.

Med prestanda så nära ett racesegel och med hanterbarhet så nära du kan komma ett vågsegel.

Extremt lätt att rigga och trimma för olika vindar. Det bästa av alla världar med extremt brett vindregister.


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5 599 kr

  • 5,4
  • 5,8
  • 6,2
  • 6,6
  • 7,3
  • 7,8
  • 8,2

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"The E_Type is a stunningly dependable powerhouse, with soft forgiving handling and masses of range for covering great distances in comfort".
"Smooth progressive power that punches boards clear in marginal winds and settles the nerves in severe conditions. The E_Type provides ease and practicality over a massive wind range, and at this price is stunning value".

The extremely versatile E_TYPE combines handling and rigging advantages of a NoCam sail with a very lively power delivery and top speed.

This sail really wants to get going quickly and also maximizes the enjoyment of maneuvers.

We’ve made this possible through implementing the reduced aspect ratio from the WARP and the increased profile in the upper luff panel.

The new E_TYPE performs not only at peak performance but also exceptionally well during acceleration and planing. This is thanks to the additional profile in the upper luff panel and the TT.TOP with active twist.

Thanks to the CUTAWAY.CLEW this sail doesn’t require an unnecessarily long boom!

With the draft located well forward this facilitates rig control and contributes significantly

to the unusually high draft stability of this NoCam sail.

As well as the extra stiff tube battens (four in 6.2 and greater).

Through the PROGRESSIVE.BATTEN.CONFIGURATION all E_TYPE sails feature a size and range-specific number of battens. Sizes 5.4 to 6.6 come with 6 battens while 7.3 and up feature 7 battens.


SIZE 5,4 5,8 6,2 6,6 7,3 7,8 8,2
Boom max (cm) 176 182 190 196 204 209 219
Luff max (cm) 427 434 443 462 473 472 496
Vario top
Battens 6 6 6 6 6 7 7
Weight (kg) 3.90 4.10 4.30 4.50 4.70 5.00 5.30
Mast Type (Best/Alt.) Platinum / Platinum / Platinum / Platinum / Platinum / Platinum / Platinum /
Gold>Silver Gold>Silver Gold>Silver Gold>Silver Gold>Silver Gold>Silver Gold>Silver
Mast Length (Best/Alt.) 430/400 430 430 460/430 460 460 460/490


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