Surfpaket Tabou Rocket Wide / Gaastra Hybrid Rea

Surfpaket Tabou Rocket Wide / Gaastra Hybrid

Komplett freeride surfpaket.

Tabous flaggskeppsbräda  i kombination med nya Gaastra Hybrid. Vårt mest prisvärda Gaastra segelpaket med Tabous senaste bästsäljare.

Tack vare tidig planing, grym accelereration, enkel att gippa och bra kontroll i högre farter blir detta en bräda som passar perfekt för alla oavsett nivå.

Nöjd kund garanti!

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 Tabou Rocket Hybrid paket

Detta ingår i paketet (seglingsklart):

Tabou Bräda Tabou Rocket Wide inkl fena, stroppar

Gaastra Hybrid -segel inkl segelbag

Gaastra Carbon 2 delad RDM mast 400 alt 430cm (alt 460 SDM)

Gaastra bom

RDM mastförlängare, Mastfot, Upphalslina

Rock and Roll

The Rocket Wide is like the Rocket but wider and a little thinner, which gives 3 main benefits: early planning, quicker acceleration, and the ability to fly through lulls.

What does that mean for a freerider? For one, this board keeps its speed and stays balanced during jibes, which means that you make more jibes and come out of them faster.
Widening the Rocket also lets you ride bigger sails.


The Rocket Wide CED and Rocket Wide LTD are for freeriders who want it easy—more stability, more glide. It will carry you from your first planning jibes till your millionth!


  • Straightened rocker in the nose for better low-end acceleration
  • Reshaped deck shape at the tail to be more ergonomic which not only is more comfortable for the feet but also helps to go upwind
  • Reduced cutout area to provide more control
  • Deepened concaves on the bottom to make the board cut through chop more easily
  • – Speed of slalom with the ease of freeride
  • – RTM fins for better acceleration, especially in lighter winds


The Rocket Wide CED and Rocket Wide LTD are for freeriders who want it easy—more stability, more glide. It will carry you from your first planning jibes till your millionth!


WIDTH 69cm
LENGTH 240cm
FINS Freeride 34cm
WIDTH 73cm
LENGTH 240cm
FINS Freeride 38cm
WIDTH 77cm
LENGTH 240cm
FINS Freeride 38/40cm
WIDTH 81cm
LENGTH 240cm
FINS Freeride 46cm



Nytt segel från Gaastra. Hybrid är det perfekta seglet bför dig som vill ha ett allroundsegel med bra manöverförmåga och samtidigt brett vindregister. Detta seglet är det mest lättriggade seglet från Gaastra och passar dom flesta masterna på marknaden.


New for 2017:

  • All new outline with our advanced POSI-LEECH SYSTEM and dynamic boom cutout
  • More shape up high and a smaller sail head resulting in improved power and agility
  • New Constant Curve luff for even greater mast compatibility
  • 5.6 and up 5 battens for maximum stability and bottom end performance
  • 5.0 and down 4 battens for maneuverability, weight savings and control
4.5 400-430 19/21 401 159 2.5 4 Vario 0 Gaastra 75/60/30 RDM/SDM
5.0 400-430 19/21 416 169 17.5 4 Vario 0 Gaastra 75/60/30 RDM/SDM
5.6 430-460 21/25 435 177 7.5 5 Vario 0 Gaastra 75/60/30 RDM/SDM
6.2 430-460 21/25 447 190 17.5 5 Vario 0 Gaastra 75/60/30 RDM/SDM
6.8 430-460 21/25 460 202 32.5 5 Vario 0 Gaastra 75/60/30 SDM
7.4 460/430 25 465 208 7.5 5 Fixed 0 Gaastra 75/60/30 SDM




The Hybrid is an all-new sail design for 2017, replacing the Pilot and becoming more all-round in application in the process. The reason is that GA have also got rid of the Savage in their line-up for 2017, so the Matrix has become more performance oriented. That means that between the new Matrix and the Hybrid, these 2017 sails aim to fulfil the role of three predecessors. Available in both standard (as tested here) and full x-ply HD construction, it is available in eight sizes, from 3.7m to 7.4m, and as with all sails in the 2017 GA range it is recommended for use with constant curve masts. With the addition of the brand’s ‘posi-leech system’ and dynamic boom cutout (in effect, a large step in the leech outline at the main batten above the boom), the Hybrid is said to have a reduced head area yet more shape to its profile high up, improving both power and agility. Well finished with all the attention to detail you would expect from the GA loft (such as abrasion pads in vulnerable areas and a full moulded tack fairing), it was tested here on a Gaastra 75% RDM mast.

“The Hybrid is the go to sail for anyone looking to get their first rig or expand their first quiver. The forgiving luff makes it compatible with both SDM and RDM masts of various carbon contents without impacting performance. It’s a simple sail that lets you focus on what’s really important: water time!”

Rigging with a moderate amount of luff curve, the Hybrid sets flat at rest, the leech loose down to the main batten above the boom, whilst the batten itself retains the slightest rotation around the mast. It translates to a light and neutral feeling at idle, feeling smaller than its quoted size in the hands. As pressure builds the Hybrid nonetheless

develops a reasonable amount of bottom end drive, the Dacron luff panel breathing and enabling the sail to adopt a deeper profile. The centre of effort is forwards, yet relatively high in the draft, encouraging the rider into an upright and relaxed stance. The high cut foot and moderate to high clew eyelet position furthers this feeling, and bolsters the Hybrid’s ease and practicality in manoeuvres, returning to its light and passive form as it is rotated mid-transition. This is also apparent as the wind picks up and increasingly violent gusts begin to hit the sail. With its stability assured, the hesitant rider can take comfort in the fact that they can adopt a more defensive stance over the board and ease the backhand out, the sail remaining easy and forgiving in the hands. Whilst not as efficient as some in the group, it remains balanced and comfortable across an impressive wind range, with equal capacity for blasting and manoeuvring and comfortable whatever the sea state.

With a light and playful nature, the Hybrid strikes a fantastic balance between power, handling and practicality, and with standard GA-Sail build it represents excellent value.


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